Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sales Leadership

One of the things I get calls about most often is Sales Leadership. In other words, how do I get my team to sell more, close more, bring in more business?

There are 2 keys to sales leadership: a sales process and a sales coach.

The sales process is a series of steps from lead generation, to pre-qualification, to proposal, to close. The best sales people have a process and a set of open ended questions that they use during the process. It is a Process - a system of steps to follow.

The other key is the Coach. Great athletes have coaches. Tiger Woods. Andre Agassi. Why not sales people? The problem arises in that not only are most people untrained to be a sales manager; they are untrained to be a Leader or a Coach.

Luck for you, my sales coach, Keith Rosen, has written a book on how to coach your people to be champions. Every coach has a playbook -- this is Your playbook to coach your team. The book, Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions, is available starting today! And if you buy today you get a bunch of bonus material including my video, 50 Ideas in 50 Minutes. For $20, you get the playbook to better sales performance as well as 50 business ideas to fine tune your shop. Get it today!

You can even download a few excerpts from the book here.

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