Thursday, March 13, 2008


Out in Vegas for the telecom agent show, VOIP and SAAS. For VoIP, it is now about SIP Trunking now. (The PRI replacement).

As always Unified Messaging is also a driving force for VoIP and SAAS. Now that IBM is going to drop $1B on UM, look out. That's all the Big Boys in that sandbox: Microsoft, Cisco, and IBM.

For SAAS, it is about getting started. Now. Hostopia,, Google Sites, Verizon, Yahoo/Zimbra, HyperOffice, ZOHO, and nGENX are all in the space. Many are looking for partners to sell their services to end users. In fact, SAAS is alot like VOIP -- expensive to market to the end user. Bundling is the answer :)

I've mentioned this before, cable companies are offering Hosted Microsoft Exchange or some other hosted email package.

ISP's used to be ahead of the curve. I see some who still have issues with email who won't just outsource it. I see many that don't want to partner up to add streams of revenue. Don't be hampered by teh control issue or the Analysis Paralysis. Just do it!

March 18 at 3 PM eastern time, find out what SAAS and how to make money at it. Email me to register for the webinar.

SAAS is reaching verticals, like Real Estate. HyperOffice just closed a deal with Weichert Realtors.

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