Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Ostrich Situation

Brock Henderson wrote an article for ISP-Planet titled The Ostrich Situation that sparked some debate on ISP-Marketing.

Brock did preface the article by saying it happens to many business owners, not just ISP's. But I think that the nature of this Industry, built by techies in the days of dial-up and BBS, make the transition hard. Many of my clients just cannot leave the access alone, even when it is losing money.

The money is really in what people do with the access. Like VoIP, back-up, security. If there is one lesson from VoiceCon, it is that the money is in Managed Services. Data and storage are running amuck. Rules demand that all email be archived. That's HUGE! That's opportunity. Partner with a back-up company like DPS and just collect the fees.

The other part of the discussion on the list was about attending trade shows. A few people think there is no value to ISPCON. I take offense to that because I know that get value from it. If you sit in on one of my sessions or attend the CEO Exchange, you WILL get your money's worth.

You can't learn anything new sitting in your office talking to the same 10 people every day. (At least, I can't).

And the discussion brought a response from the long lost DOUG McDONALD!

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