Friday, March 28, 2008

Music Industry Wants ISP Tax

The music industry is looking to make ISP's filter P2P and charge a piracy tax to its users. DSL Reports has the story and here and here. I know ISP owners have their head down (and in some cases in the sand ;), but there are battles going on that need your attention. The Comcast BitTorrent fight is just one of them. This led to a truce but only after the FCC releases an Notice of Comments on Network Management. This is not a good thing. You do NOT want the FCC - with 10 lawyers per Engineer - explaining how to manage a network. Now comes the Music Industry, P2P filters (which sound like a violation of the FCC Network Management plan) and a user tax. WISPA is one org having the discussion about network management, P2P throttling, and the like, because P2MP wi-fi systems can't handle people streaming movies all night well.

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