Monday, February 18, 2008

Video Email

Skype has video and so does AIM and Y! IM. There is SightSpeed for video conferencing and recording. Webcams are cheap. Broadband is available. So why hasn't video email taken off?

GotVMail has been around a long time. Now there's Talk Fusion, the MLM video email service. But even though I get upwards of 500 email per day - from some of the most tech savvy people around - none are a video email request (unless it is a Talk Fusion agent). Why is that?

Why haven't ISP's added video email as another revenue stream? It could be that it is challenging enough to keep email servers, spam filters and anti-virus running without taking calls about video email issues.

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EQ said...

Video Email Response


Thanks for writing this post. It is frankly something we are wondering about ourselves, as video mail is a prominent feature of the SightSpeed service...

Our best guess as to why Video Email has yet to hit a radical tipping point of usage probably has most to do with how habitual email is. We are now decades deep into emailing as a functional activity for most computer-users, let alone the tech savvy. I might even argue that the mundane, everyday usefulness of ordinary email has left it unchallenged in terms of efficacy.

Perhaps it requires a shift in behavior that only occurs when the trade-offs for using one technology far outweigh another, and the new technology is easier to use.

For instance, rather than spend 15 minutes of me typing this response and you reading it, there could be more impact to a video that took 30 seconds to record and another 30 seconds to watch—-and more meaning, too! And once enough people started to think this way, the more you would see vmail for email trade-offs everywhere you look.


Eric Quanstrom