Thursday, February 14, 2008

TWTC Joins the Billionaires Club

TWTC climbs to $1B in annual revenue in 2007. Up 33%.

Unfortunately, the year Netted a loss of $40.8M.

TWTC completed its acquisition of Xspedius Communications, LLC on October 31, 2006.

Highlights for 2007 include:

"TWTC Exceeded a one billion dollar milestone with revenue of $1.084 billion. Grew total revenue $271.3 million or 33% for the year. ... "The company also narrowed its 2007 losses to $40.3 million " [from company report]

"In 2007 the company turned over half of its sales people and sales engineers". [phone+]

"Time Warner Telecom also announced plans to change its name this year. It has the right to use the current name until June. It will spend between $6 million and $7 million on branding when it announces its new name." [bizjournals]

TWTC now has more than 25,000 route miles of fiber and lit 10 new buildings in Nashville.

Key stat: 71% of its revenue comes from Enterprise with its carrier segment at 25% of revenue. (The last 4% of revenue comes from inter-carrier comp). (I'd like them to explain the term Enterprise; I think, they mean SME).

TWTC CEO Herda talks about M-EBITDA too much. Who cares about that term? We are bottom line folks here. We want raw numbers.

TWTC spent $624,000 in Lobbying in 2007.

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