Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ideas for the CLEC's 2008

Last week I had scheduled a tele-seminar (titled Ideas for the CLEC's 2008). It was designed to answer some of the repeat questions I get, because consistently, I get the most pings from CLEC's. Regional CLEC's. The pings all center around what to do. For example,

  1. What services to focus on or start researching?
  2. How do I market to consumers?
  3. What should I do about VoIP?
  4. Wireless or not?
What is most surprising is that these same folks can't find the time to get on a tele-seminar or get to any show. It just doesn't work that way. If you can't take 3 days to think about and work ON your business, well, that's a problem in itself.

Today, if you are a regional CLEC and you are not Involved with your client base, you better be the lowest priced guy in town. The most successful regional CLEC's are B2B, not B2C (we'll get to why in a minute). They know who they target, with what set of services, and why. Focus.

Can you answer this: What is your USP?

What sets you apart? Why should people buy from you? What do you offer that Embarq, VZ, or ATT offer? (And don't say our service unless you have testimonials).

Why not B2C? Many reasons.

  1. The steady migration to cellular.
  2. If you re-sell ILEC DSL, in many cases, VoIP is redundant. They have to have POTS any way to get DSL.
  3. If you sell your own DSL, you have a limited radius around the CO and likely cannot hit customers beyond remotes.
  4. Tom Peters says that you cannot beat Wal-Mart on price. I add you can't beat the ILEC on price - and remain profitable.

The key isn't to market to everyone. It is to market to qualified prospects who need and want your services and can afford to pay for them. And you don't need tens of thousands, you only need a couple of thousand.

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