Sunday, February 03, 2008

Customer Care is Marketing

Customer Service is the New Marketing is a one day summit in San Francisco, February 4, 2008. It is also one of the themes of Seth Godin's Meatball Marketing. "Every touch of a customer and prospect is a chance to win or lose their business," writes Peter Radizeski in his new book, SELLECOM.

At DEMO 2008, support was a theme as well. As reports, "During today's DEMO presentations, it became evident the lines between consumer and enterprise support are blurring. Business IT tools are becoming more granular, and consumers are realizing more transparent access to experts while gaining control over rules-based systems for the home. Given that the average household spends one weekend day per month fixing home computer issues (per, the need is compelling."

Christine Herron follows this up with a list of companies in the Customer Service & Support side, including; Support Space; Symantec; Aternity; HelpStream; and Get Satisfaction.

It seems that ISPCON exhibitor, BobCares, is up to the task as well.

If you are handling lots of hard drive issues as well as malware and virus crap, my own suggestions include the following:

  1. PCVive - a PCI card for desktops to create an image of the hard drive as backup.
  2. Persystent Systems is software I used to market. (They just got more VC money as they burn through lots of cash in that cluster mess.) The patents and underlying O/S, Rembo, were purchased by IBM in 2006. So why wouldn't you buy Big Blue's solution instead. It is similar to Deep Freeze joined with Ghost. It is a client/server solution and requires server space for images; server access; hard drive re-formatting to add the solution.
  3. Geeks in Sneaks and Clean Machine both offer PC Maintenance plans that can be white labeled. Make money without the actual headache. It's called Leverage.

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