Monday, February 11, 2008

ATT: Get 2 Hours at Starbucks

ATT is giving its current broadband customers (including iPhone payers) 2 hours at Starbucks. This relationship with Starbucks is an extension of the iPhone deal, since Starbucks has an iTunes deal for music. This pits ATT directly in competition with T-Mobile, the current hotspot provider at Fedex-Kinkos, Borders, and Starbucks.

When I suggested last week to my clients on a seminar call that they should add iPass and/or Boingo to their bundle for road warriors, ATT must have tapped that line and heard me.

The deployment will be provided by Wayport, which has provided Wi-Fi deployment services for AT&T, including several thousand AT&T hotspots at McDonald's restaurants.[infoweek]

Best headline for this: "AT&T Drinks T-Mobile's Latte"

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