Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sprint Stock Dives

Today (1/24/08), Sprint's stock is at $8.67. That's a market cap of $25B. The 1 year range is 8.07 - 23.42. It's off one-third. At $25B, it is reasonable to think that someone - Comcast, Google, T-Mobile, Alltel - could buy them. Spin-off the iDEN network for about $5B. To buy new spectrum will cost at least $5B -- Sprint has lots of 2.x GHz. You would also have an Internet Backbone that you could start to utilize. Some big partners like Pivot (the cable show) and Embarq. (I think Qwest Wireless is also Sprint). There's room to grow. And at $25B it's a deal for $40B in revenue.

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