Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mid-Band Metro E

Hatteras had a webinar today to really explain what the advantage is of Mid-Band Ethernet. If a CLEC wants to grow beyond the T1 market, Hatteras offers the chance to turn that copper into Metro E speeds from 2MB to 45MB depending on copper and distance. XO, CavTel and BellSouth use Hatteras gear for Mid-speed metro ethernet. Hatteras offers 3 complimentary handbooks on Ethernet for carriers. Most mid-speed is 10MB, but Hatteras has a CLEC, Allied Telecom in DC, offering 90MB! Typically, it is 5.7MB per copper pair up to 6 kilofeet. 20 kilofeet is one distance barrier, but it has been surpassed. The gear is environmentally hardened and can be put closer to the client or repeaters can be added.

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