Monday, January 21, 2008

GX IPv6 at under 20

Just letting you know that Global Crossing (GX) also offers a sub-$20 price point on 100MB or more of IP .. Port Only.

GX is IPv6!

Airespring is offering sub-$20 as well.

Call RAD-INFO, Inc. today for your bandwidth quote - 813.963.5884

RAD-INFO, Inc. acts as a sales agent for more than 20 carriers, including Ma Bell, Qwest, Sprint, Embarq, Global Crossing, SAVVIS, InterNAP, Level(3), New Edge, and XO.

We also have resellers in our portfolio like NIT, Global Capacity, AireSpring, TNCI and others in case the price is more important than the direct relationship. The full list is here.

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