Thursday, January 31, 2008

AMD, MOTO, Qwest, Sprint

What do these 4 companies have in common? They could disappear before 2009. DSL Reports has the summary.

The four companies predicted by the site to be on their last legs are: AMD. They say that in order to compete with the chips being put out by Intel, this company will need partnership from others in the industry. Motorola. They believe Samsung will buy out Motorola and say that the company can’t continue on its own. Qwest. They say two problems must be resolved for Qwest to keep going: development of a wireless solution and funding for a fiber buildout. Sprint. Recent layoffs are just one indication that the company is struggling. 24/7 Wall Street suggests that a much-discussed acquisition by Comcast could still happen. Renewed talks with Clearwire and other Xohm partnership rumors could make a big difference in whether or not this occurs.

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