Thursday, December 13, 2007

Will DSL Go Away?

Back in September when AT&T Southeast released the new commercial agreement for DSL to the ISP's in the wholesale program, I stated that DSL may go away. I want to correct that view. It would appear that ISP's will always have the hampered access to DSL that they have now, without much hope for an upgrade path.

Offering even this limited program allows the ILECs to look good in the FCC view. "See? We do share our network. Now forbear on special access. Okay?"

With the current roll-out of Naked DSL (now bundled with AT&T Mobility service), just selling DSL to residential customers may not be enough.

It's painful, but you need to take the time to examine your business. If things are not looking great - revenues flat, churn, not excited - the fix won't be easy. But the sooner you start, the sooner you get moving.

Nothing happens in the comfort zone. All advances are made when you are Uncomfortable (outside your comfort zone).

I hope you signed the new agreement to keep the status quo.

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