Sunday, December 09, 2007

TP: 100 Ways to Succeed #98

Tom Peters writes 100 ways to Succeed on his blog. # 98 is "Relentlessly Focus on Pragmatic Actions:"

  1. See the list.
  2. Implement.
  3. Pick one item.
  4. Start today.

The list is "50 Ways to Enhance Cross-Functional Effectiveness and Deliver Speed, "Service Excellence," and "Value-added Customer 'Solutions"" (see TP's XF list here). Or implement just one idea from our list of 50 Ideas.

From TP's list of XF (cross functionality):

21. All (almost all) rewards are team rewards.

33. An "Open talent market" helps make the projects "silo-free." People want in on the project because of the opportunity to do something memorable—no one will tolerate delays based on traditional functional squabbling

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