Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sprint Names Embarq CEO as CEO

Yeah, that headline is as confusing as naming Hesse Sprint's new CEO.

This is the problem with American Telecom: They continue to rotate the same Bell-heads from executive position to executive position. (And their sycophants with them). This guy hasn't done much with wireline at Embarq in the 1.5 years he was heading that.

Hesse had literally nothing to lose in the first 6 months (starting May 2006 when Sprint spun-off Embarq). Hesse could have done anything - tried any INNOVATION. It was a free ride for 6 months. But NO! Let's go with dial-tone and DSL.

His only win (in my book) was FMC. And I wonder if that was foisted upon him by either a manufacturer or Sprint.

Now the wireline guy has to turn around a demoralized Wireless company, that has forgotten that it used to be the # 3 LD company and owns a nice Internet Backbone.

Stock went up a penny --- and I think that is as high as it will ever get.

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