Friday, December 14, 2007

Rust hits CopperCom

"As of December 14th , 2007, CopperCom will cut back its operation to the maintenance and support of products only. It will no longer market the CSX, CopperCommander and Switchmaxx/VoiceMaxx product lines. This decision was necessary due to the lack of demand for our products. We anticipate discontinuing our product lines, and we will provide details of these programs soon. We plan to continue to provide maintenance, support and software fixes for our products. We regret the need to implement such a decision at this time but it is necessary in the face of current and expected sales levels for our products."

CopperCom is NOT shutting down. Due to inadequate demand for our products, we are cutting back our operations to only support and maintenance at this time.

CopperCom plans to meet its warranty and support obligations. Parts and software bug fixes will continue to be available.

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