Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Email Archive... Lawsuits?

Data Center Journal has an article titled: "Survey Shows 1 in 5 Have Settled a Lawsuit to Avoid the Cost of Recovering & Searching emails". "As the one-year anniversary of the amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) approaches on December 1, a survey of professionals directly involved in legal discovery shows that a significant number of businesses have been negatively impacted by the challenges of e-discovery. In fact, one-fifth of the professionals say their business has settled a lawsuit to avoid the cost of recovering and searching through electronic documents such as email."

  • 37 percent of respondents conduct more than 21 searches through old email to gather information for legal reasons each year;
  • Nearly half of respondents (40 percent ) reported that their organization searches through email five or more times each year in response to a formal legal discovery request;
  • Of those who were familiar with the costs of litigation, more than half (51 percent) claimed the average cost of litigation (excluding settlement costs) was over $200,000, with 8 percent putting the average cost over $1 million.

What an opportunity to sell email archiving and more importantly retrieval!

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