Sunday, November 18, 2007

What's Up with Wireless?

Clearwire is running around talking about Mobile WiMax and triple-play over their network. Not competing with 3G but complimenting it. Clearwire is flush with $1B in cash, $1B in a credit line, and spectrum in 6 countries. However, $2B isn't enough to build out and market in 6 countries --- maybe not even enough for the US only. And with just 299,000 subscribers, certainly not making the US op cash flow positive. Telecommunications magazine has the full story.

FrontLine Wireless is happy about some FCC rule changes for the 700 MHz auction. (see CNN Money)

Companies that want to participate in the 700 MHz auction have to notify the FCC by Dec. 3 and put up a deposit by Dec. 28. The auction will begin on Jan. 16.

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