Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ma Bell is Monitoring

The BizJournals has a story about Ma Bell monitoring -- well, who else would be pushing monitoring but the king. Ma Bell is all about monitoring - your email, your phone calls, your web activity, even your downloads. In this case, Ma Bell wasn't first -- many Independent Fixed Wireless Providers have been offering IP surveillance for over a year.

ATT has developed a new monitoring service for small businesses that sends emergency alerts to business owners on their wireless devices or Web-enabled personal computers. The ATT Remote Monitor service combines Internet Protocol-enabled video cameras and environmental sensors to keep a guarded eye on small business offices or warehouses. Business owners can configure their devices to send alerts based on changes in temperature, motion or water levels caused by flooding or leaks. "The need to stay on top of everything that happens in your business is important to small business owners," says John Regan, vice president of business marketing for ATT.

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