Wednesday, November 21, 2007

FiOS Rates Going up Already!

I find it funny that K-Mart points out the rise in cable rates constantly but says nothing about telco rates. First off, in the last few years, we have had an explosion in the number of channels available, especially for the sports fanatics - NFL Network, Big10, 22 Fox Sports, MSG, Tennis, Versus, ESPNU, CSTV, etc. Plus there are like 80 premium movie channels availabel, so that you can watch that lousy Jen Aniston flick every day for a year. Every channel costs money. Even the local channels want to get paid to broadcast on the cable or satellite system. Here we are less than a year after VZ rolls out FiOS commercially and they are raising their rates already. Bad enough that VZ keeps, yes, constantly, raises the rate on my 1FB line. (I dropped the home phone line becasue it was $50 with taxes, fees, surcharges, voicemail, caller ID, and KY.) VZ is raising FiOS TV rates $3-$5 per month per subscriber.
The price changes will affect all customers throughout the 16 states where FiOS is available. The hike affects only customers who have signed up for standalone TV service -- there is a complicated set of bundle options for consumers seeking multiple services.

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