Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bandwidth Pricing

Bandwidth pricing is all over the map. Cogent and HE and a couple of others at $10 (depending on the commit). The Tier 1's (Qwest, Sprint, ATT, VZB) are all at about $75 per MB on a full DS3 (although a reseller can get it down to about $58). InterNAP and Savvis are near $50.

The big problem is LOOP. Qwest is offering a bundle at $4200 for a DS3 with loop, full IP port and ADTRAN router in the Green Zone. That means less than a 20 mile loop (or $2000 loop).

With forbearance being granted at the FCC, the special access prices keep increasing. In Omaha, where Qwest was granted forbearance in 2005, loops have increased 72%! More forbearance petitions in the works. So far no one has to sell DSL, Frame, or ATM at a reasonable rate. Dry fiber is off the books and so is lit fiber, unless you want to buy out of the FCC Tariff or through wholesale (private agreement).

So what does this mean? If you have a long loop, get a long contract, because rates WILL be going up. And the IP piece can't make up for it any more. Call today for a bandwidth quote: 800-779-0864.

UPDATE: BellSouth.Net 10MB Metro E DIA for less than $1700! Call for details!

Promo: ATT Internet T1 $403, 3 yr, within 25 miles in 22 states plus LNS. Call for details!

Disclaimers: Your mileage will of course vary. And past performance does not guarantee future performance.

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