Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What to do with EarthLink?

In a blog on CNN, the specualtion on what to do with ELN is all over the place:
  • become a VoIP company
  • one suggested the failed Muni Wi-Fi was really a WiMax trial?!
  • that ELN should merge with Vonage
  • that ELN should market Packet8
  • merge with Covad
  • go back to being an ISP
  • Helio is a success ?!
  • the Rolla fan that thinks the new CEO and COO will turn it around

No mention of New Edge. It is plain that most people that commented do not even understand the services that ELN now offers (specifically the line powered voice service from Covad). (It's also scary how ignorant most commenters are especially on DSL Reports. Talk about the dumbing down of America!)

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