Friday, October 05, 2007

Things I Like about Telecom

To counter the post, 10 Things I Dislike about Telecom, here are 10 things in no particular order that I like about telecom:

  1. My Clients. I have some great people who I have gotten to work with for years. And this is a Big THANK YOU for being my client - and in many cases my friend.
  2. The flux. Things are always changing in telecom.
  3. The Challenge. This is the most difficult industry to sustain success and enthusiasm in. With the constant change - and usually not for the better - it is a challenge to find the silver lining and to out-maneuver the big guys.
  4. Web 2.0 and Voice 3.0. I LOVE THIS STUFF!
  5. Managed Services. Technology has out-paced the average person's ability to use it. Leveraging knowledge to help these people is where it is at.
  6. The Passion. Many people in this industry have a great Passion (some of it misguided, but passion nonetheless).
  7. Innovation . From Cbeyond to M5 to PBX-Change to RSAIR to - some bright folks are moving into Blue Oceans, not by taking on the world, but finding a regional niche, and kicking ass in it. Championing the small business and enabling that small business to focus on his business instead of his communications systems.
  8. Writing. I love writing about this industry. Actually, I probably like the fact that some people actually read my stuff and comment about it.
  9. Other people I have met in this Industry who have definitely helped me - Tom, Wendy, Joyce, Paul, Khali, Gary, Joe, Mary, Fred, Cynthia, Kris, David, Donny, Jon. Thanks!
  10. The FCC and the RBOC's. They give me somewhere to point my anger and scream.

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