Friday, October 26, 2007

Ravi Preaches SAAS

At ISPCON, one of the themes has been SAAS (Software as a service). If you follow press releases, you would know that JamCracker is finally getting apps on its App Delivery Platform. And Microsoft is throwing out Apps left and right for hosting - CRM, Dynamics, SharePoint, Project, and the mac daddy: Exchange. Ravi of GroupSpark has been an evangelist for Hosted Exchange for a while - and he should GroupSpark private labels Hosted Exchange for providers to resell as SAAS without the headache of running Exchange and trying to get it to scale. The WHIR has an article about Ravi's session at ISPCON here. Another review of the hosting track, including the sessions by HostMySite CEO Lou Honick and by high-powered attorney David Snead, can be read at WHIR also.

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