Friday, October 26, 2007

Net Neutrality Debate Continues

Many people have stated that the government needs to keep its hands off the Internet. I agree to an extent, but when you have the ILECs blocking calls to Iowa, VZW blocking text messages to Pro Choice, and AT&T censoring Pearl Jam - AND the F-Agency in charge (K-Mart's FCC) does NOTHING! - that's when we need to abolish the FCC and given the FTC more enforcement power for false advertising.

If you say UNLIMITED, you give Unlimited.

If you sell 6MB, you give 6MB - not some version of "Best Effort"

Truth in Advertising is the basis for consumer confidence.

Anyway, I'm not alone in thinking that the gov't has to step in. BusinessWeek has an opinion piece about this.

"The hands-off approach hasn't served consumers well. And the Web is far too important to entrust the free flow of information to the shifting whims of a few big companies. Government must step in and tell them to leave our content alone.

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