Thursday, October 04, 2007

The FCC Not Playing Fair?! OMG!

From ZDnet: "The Federal Communications Commission violated rules by tipping off some corporations and trade groups about when commissioners planned to vote on important issues, a Government Accountability Office report has found. Consumer and public interest groups did not get such useful information, The Los Angeles Times reports..... By leaking privileged information, the FCC was giving an advantage to the lobbying efforts of big business..... Lobbyists are not allowed to meet with FCC commissioners and staff within one week of a public meeting. Information about what rules are scheduled for a vote is confidential."

Are you shocked? I'm not. Hey, K-Mart, hear that sucking sound? It's your career deflating. Maybe you and Powell can do a talk show on public access. Oh, wait, you told telcoTV that they didn't need public access. Oops. Maybe a blog then."

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