Thursday, October 04, 2007

Data Center Revamp Coming

During the next five years, most large data centers will spend as much on power and cooling as they will on hardware infrastructure, Gartner says. [informationweek]
We see signs of this everywhere as the big boys look for the lowest power pricing in the nation before building a data center. (We need some of these guys to start using solar and wind energy generation to meet their expanding power needs).
More than 70% of the Global 1,000 organizations will have to modify their data center facilities significantly during the next five years, Gartner said. The reason is most facilities in use today were built more than seven years ago, and built to a design specification of 100 to 150 watts per square foot. Current design needs, however, are about 300 to 400 watts per square foot.... By 2011, power demand could rise to more than 600 watts per square foot. [informationweek]
This is one of the reasons virtualization is becoming popular. Virtualization allows one server to do so much more. Need some help with Virtualization? Come to ISPCON or take this webinar: Virtualization Drives Verifiable, Flexible Business Continuity and Disaster Resiliency Solutions

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