Thursday, October 25, 2007

CLEC's lose in DSL Appeal

The CLECs lost (again). (Can anyone remember a win?) According to the Register, Appeals Court rubber stamps FCC's DSL (de)regulation:

The Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit issued a ruling last week that approved the FCC's new order eliminating the requirement that large phone companies provide transmission services to independent ISPs at set, nondiscriminatory rates. Instead, the independent ISPs will have to negotiate new individual contracts with Big Telco to use their pipes. But nothing guarantees that the telecoms will even agree to play ball with the little guys anymore. [register]

This was a foregone conclusion in my book - vis a vis the Chevron ruling -- but it's just one more nail in the CLEC coffin. Other nails include AT&T forbearance, VZ 04-440, Embarq, Qwest and Frontier forbearance, and many pending petitions.

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