Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bumpy Days for the FCC

The FCC has had a few bumpy days.
  1. Congress asked it to look into the ATT-NSA wiretapping - and it took a pass, much to the dismay of Congressman Markey.
  2. It is skirmishing with Microsoft over white spaces and the devices that may take advantage of that promise land spectrum.
  3. And just after the GAO reports that the FCC leaks info to the Big Boys to the detriment of the small guy, the FCC allows VZW to have special access to argue for the status quo in the 700 Auction. WTF?!
  4. In the FCC investigating itself on whether studies / data were destroyed to back up FCC decisions on media ownership and localism, the FCC cleared itself. "The nagging feeling remains that we don't yet have the entire story," said Copps.
  5. Copps and Adelstein, the only 2 Dems on the FCC, presented to Congress about the lack of a national policy on broadband -- and how the shortsighted nature of both Powell and Martin have led us to where we are today - 20th in the world in BB.
  6. FCC announced that the 700 Auction will begin on Jan. 24 - 4 days before the Congressional deadline.
It's time for a re-vamp of the FCC -- or maybe time to get rid of it. If it is going to give everything to the Big Boys anyway - as well as not fine them for disobeying the FCC rules about voice call termination and origination - they are useless.

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