Thursday, September 20, 2007

Resi VoIP follows the Rocket

Here's a round-up from on the current VoIP deals for consumers. Please remember that UNLIMITED is just a marketing term. If you actually use your VoIP line more than about 3 hours per day, you will be shut off or be forced to buy a Business Line by many providers.

  • Vonage is giving away the store with 2 plans: $15 for 500 minutes w/free ATA; and $25 on unlimited calling including some of Europe, plus free month and free ATA.
  • has a $188 annual plan w/free softphone and free month. (No idea about ATA).
  • ZingoTel is $20 for Unlimited Resi w/free ATA and free month
  • Lingo is $22 for Unlimited Resi & 3 months free!
  • ELN is $25 per month
  • Packet8 Unlimited is $25 per month w/free ATA and free month
  • att CallVantage is $25 per month w/a free month

Note that most providers have a $15 or $199 annual plan, but are pushing the higher ARPU plan. How many of these carriers then add additional fees / charges for E-911 compliance, USF (6%), Telecom Relay fee, and state taxes? att CallVantage adds about $5.80 in additional charges per month. (USF is $2.57, 911 surcharge is 50c, TR fee is 11c, state & local taxes the rest).

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