Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Open Letter to COMPTEL

On October 7, COMPTEL descends on Dallas for its fall expo. Earl Comstock left in May and so has some of the staff. It's a great time to bring in a different kind of leader. But sooner rather than later because the clock is ticking.

What does COMPTEL need from a new CEO?

  1. Someone to foster cooperation.
  2. Someone to lead its members to differentiate and compete.

By now, COMPTEL members should be using each others' networks as much as possible. Why would you pay to terminate calls on the RBOC network when some portion can be terminated by other members?

Why isn't there more cooperation between members to maximize fiber and collocation assets?

The industry has to start looking at primarily selling Type I services, because all too soon access to cheap loops is going to dissipate. (If it is Type II, it should be purchased off another CLEC's network).

Maybe this is fanciful, but the last thing COMPTEL needs is another legal eagle to lead the group. COMPTEL has legal councel and just hired a firm to handle Advocacy. Not that many battles have been won in court, in DC or at the FCC. It's time to focus on a new tack. (Hope is not a strategy).

Call our office if you want to discuss this further (813-963-5884). If Sherm or Jerry James is looking for this kind of candidate, call... we have the names of some good applicants.

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