Friday, September 14, 2007

NTP Sues Cellcos

In 2001, NTP, a patent house, sued RIM over a patent breach on the Blackberry. NTP won. RIM tried to appeal to fight it some more only to settle for $613M AND to lose market share to both Palm and Microsoft Mobile devices in the wake of the scare. (DUMB!)

Well, NTP is now suing the top 4 cellcos - VZW, att, Sprint and T-Mobile for similar patent infringement.

In their new round of suits, NTP is alleging that some of the telcos' new e-mail-to-mobile services, such as those delivered by the T-Mobile Wing and AT&T Xpress Mail, infringe upon their patent rights. NTP wants an injunction and is demanding unspecified damages. [pcworld]

Again, this might be an opportunity to offer your clients mobile email from Funambol or other open source app - OR via MS LCS OR outsourced. Become the savior. It pays.

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