Monday, September 10, 2007


Seth writes about a mastermind group he was involved in at Stanford:

As a young first-year student at the Stanford MBA program, Chip Conley picked out four other students--strangers to him and to each other--and invited them to a weekly brainstorming session. He explained to us that once a week we'd meet for four hours and brainstorm business plans and entrepreneurial ventures... A year later, we had compiled more than 500 great ideas, countless lousy ones and had figured out how to think about the structure of a business. I think the five of us would all agree we learned more in that room in the anthropology department than we did in the classes we were paying for.... The extraordinary thing about Chip's little bit of initiative in setting up the group is how rare it is.

This is a MasterMind group. Napolean Hill wrote about it in Think and Grow Rich - How a shared mind is greater than the sum of its parts.

If you have problems, issues or ideas that you need to work on, bring them to a Round Table, where you will meet like-minded industry professionals to help you with them.

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