Friday, September 14, 2007

Ma Bell is getting Nekkid

DSL Prime is announcing that AT&T is releasing Naked DSL to the public. Naked DSL? Yes. DSL whereby the consumer does not need to buy a phone line. (Let us mention that this was a merger requirement for AT&T and BellSouth.). Randall Stephenson proclaimed that "AT&T is a wireless company". In a test, bundling $45 Cingular service with $19.95 DSL Naked produced a surge.

DSL Prime disclosed that "Around the world, DSL has reached a peak, with net adds inevitably declining. Wireline phone service is headed down, although still one of the most profitable businesses on the planet." So with both DSL and cellular sales flat. (PEW is confirming this). As Wall Street closely watches both metrics, Randall is readying to roll this bundle out throughout the footprint.

This doesn't help most ISP's, because they will have access to a similar bundle. My suggestion: If you are in any of Cbeyond's markets, this carrier already has a cellular-wireline-internet bundle. Otherwise, work with New Edge and Helio or Covad and Sprint to sell your own bundle.

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