Monday, September 10, 2007

Is the Web Changing Politics?

Mark Cuba says that the web is dead and boring. He's correct in the sense that the transport (pipe) isn't changing much (it's still too little). Truth is Content is king. Killer Apps drive Broadband usage (and penetration). Cuban says that since the pipe size is static and small, innovation is slow. (You need a big pipe to the home to really innovate).

I'm thinking that the main populace is just catching on to the way you communicate online. Early adopters are probably almost bored with it. But newbies are using it to challenge every status quo. Take politics for instance. There are 20 meet-up groups for politics right now. Ron Paul has over 100 people just in Tampa using an easy to understand platform like It's a simple way to organize around an idea and schedule events. A lot easy than offline, where you have to find people with a similar interest. That is much harder.

So for the newbies online, this is all remarkable. To those that have been online pre-1996, well, yawn, it's cool, but what's next?

As an ISP owner, these are the things that make people want to get broadband. If you were using a widget or email that listed the cool site of the week, you would captivate your audience.

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