Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Day on the Links

On of my clients, Spiderhost, a managed services provider, held their 2nd annual golf outing on Friday. There are a lot of benefits to the tremendous amount of time and effort that it takes to coordinate an event like this:

  • What a great way to spend half a day with a client
  • How else can you showcase how friendly your staff is?*
  • Display your wares - as raffle gifts and prizes
Dave Shilling, the Sales Manager for AstroTel, was in our foursome and ended up winning the 2-person scramble skin. (Apparently, they do EVERYTHING right at AstroTel, a Florida CLEC that is top-notch in TDM and LNP.**) His partner was James Gentry of LATA Communications, a BellSouth agent.

Dustin Jurman of Rapid Systems, a wireless network operator, got stuck in the cart with me and my F game. We came in dead last -- but won a golf lesson! (Sorry, Dustin. Last year Dale got stuck with me. Next year it will be someone else.) We did learn that SoluNet is still in business - and apparently going strong selling Juniper instead of Redback.

* The Spiderhost team - Dale, Nick, Jenn, Crystal, and Kristy - spent the day demonstrating how nice, friendly, and customer-centric they are. Nick, one of the techs, was able to identify the owners of the equipment in the slideshow of their data center. ** That's why RAD-INFO is proud to be an agent for AstroTel. Call our office for a quote. 813-963-5884.

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