Monday, August 13, 2007

What's with Savvis?

After selling 2 data centers to Microsoft, Savvis posted a good quarter. But news it that Savvis lost 2 or 3 large customers (Microsoft might be one since they now own the asset they were renting). It won't be a great quarter. Now Savvis is announcing that XO will provide loop. Dum, ta, dum (sound effects here).

An example of dealings with Savvis. I send in a quote request for a GigE or OC-12 port only in Oregon. Two weeks later I get a quote for GigE. Then the following business day I get a note that says: "Oops, that was not a GigE. It was an OC-x. And we can't do that. Our POP is in San Fran." Um. Didn't you kind of know the POP location on the day you received the request?

It's this kind of sales muddle that stifles growth. KNow where your assets are. Know what you CAN sell profitably. Get back to the prospect promptly. Or lose the business to someone who has their kit together. (Granted in telecom, like in the airlines, there will only be a few who have their kit together, but still).

UPDATE: Someone pointed out that a searchable database of assets and lit properties is imperative, especially for wireless and fiber companies. That way, you can tell people right away: yes or no.

Sales Lesson: Disqualifying prospects is just as important as qualifying them. That way you don't waste time on someone you cannot serve.

Extra thought: If takes you more than a week to tell a prospect if you can provide service, he begins to voice concerns about what the installation / implementation process will look like.

Savvis news: Allen & Overy Signs $13.8 Million Expansion Agreement with SAVVIS [source]

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