Thursday, August 09, 2007

Vonage stumbles

Comcast has over 3M VoIP subs. Vonage is stalling at 2.45M. Here's the numbers via Y!ahoo:
  • Vonage only added 57,000 lines.
  • Vonage rang up a loss of $34M, "Excluding one-time charges, Vonage lost $18 million"
  • Marketing was cut from $91M to $68M
  • (And when you only add 57k, your losses are less due to the reduction in acquisition costs).
  • Acquisition costs: $287
  • Revenue is $206M
  • "On June 30, Vonage had cash reserves of $344 million, down from $410 million three months earlier. Of the total, $66 million were tied up as collateral for a bond tied to the Verizon patent verdict. The company said it expected its "cash burn" to decline in the third quarter." [yahoo]

No word on the patent case. But these numbers coupled with the SunRocket closure (and maybe the debacle of Amp'ed) means people are getting leary of the start-ups. The Big Boys numbers seem to indicate that they are not having any trouble adding lines.

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