Thursday, August 02, 2007

Toxic Employees

Seth Godin writes about Toxic Employees.

They make two big confusions:

  1. They confuse "How can I help this prospect/customer?" with "How can I get rid of this person and get back to work?"
  2. They confuse, "How can I have a better day by treating this person with a great deal of respect?" with "Why isn't this person treating me with the respect I deserve?"

These employees can ruin your business. Marketing is as much about Customer Care as it is about selling your product. (You better get this, because the Big Boys certainly do NOT). Every touch of the customer is a chance to win her or lose her. Everyone is in Sales. And, as Brian Tracy shouts: EVERYTHING COUNTS!

Bob Sutton is a professor at Standford who wrote the book The No Assholes Rule. He has a short video at 50 Lessons on the basis for the book, which started as an article for the Harvard Business Review.

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