Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Packet8 = Churn

FierceVoIP says that 8x8 has a churn of 9%! 8x8 reported a profit last quarter.

"Packet8 losing 17,300 residential customers. The number translates into a gross churn of more than 9 percent of the 181,000-subscriber base. A total of 8,300 new subscribers were added, yielding net churn of around 5 percent." [fiercevoip]
"The first-quarter profit at 8x8 appears mostly to be related to a series of one-time items, including $573,000 in revenue arising from a change in the company's Universal Service contribution."
Packet8 offers a $199 per year plan as well. That will probably not turn out much better for 8x8 than it did for SunRocket.

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