Sunday, August 19, 2007

Killer Services from the Killer App Conference

In the article, "What Eating Bandwidth?" from BB Properties magazine's report from the Killer App Conference in Fort Wayne, there is a listing of many premium services that providers can (and should) offer thier customers to increase revenue.
  • Offer ‘communectivity’ – community connectivity.
  • There are many concierge programs out there.
  • The Nintendo Wii is a runaway hit ..... virtual bowling and so forth.
  • Fitlink is in 300 YMCAs across the country.
  • There are networked laundry centers by Matt Grey.
  • Eaton has monitoring that can be added for any valves in the home.
  • There are Web-based thermostats from Webpoint.
  • partnering with to offer remote and onsite services
  • We are adding home theater setup.
  • Tele-Health.
  • Distance Learning and e-Tutoring.

It is time to think beyond selling just connectivity and offer services that require broadband - it increases the take rate and BB penetration.

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