Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Guess I'm not Average User

This chart came with an article in VoIP Weekly about Yoomba, the newest voice app that is browser based. This chart is alien to me for 2 reasons: on one extreme 10% or more get zero email and less than 10% get more than 50 email. I can't imagine someone not getting spam daily and my email inboxes overflow daily. Even if you discount listserv and news alert traffic, just 50 emails?! Eye opening.

BTW, I tried Yoomba when Gary Kim invited me. Nice. There is a widget download and it takes over your desktop - email client, IM and browser so that you can Yoomba a call to anyone with a click. (They just need to have an email address - no phone number, just email, a browser and a headset for the PC).

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