Monday, August 13, 2007

Google Apps, Star Office, Postful

No one really knows what Google is doing with its Apps, but Sarah has been watching the Google Pack... and now they added Star Office. Google Apps is available for ISP's to resell.

If you don't want to offer Google Apps (combined with your Google AdSense account), then I would suggest that you start offering Star Office, ThinkFree, ZoHo, or some other similar service. Get your clients thinking about apps and data and storage. This is where your revenue will be coming from in the future.

And another unique app hit the street: Postful. What does that do you ask? Well, Sarah has a nice review of why you would want an email to snail mail service. (The Post Office offers one as well).

If the Bells don't want to be a dumb pipe - chiefly because they believe there isn't enough value there - then why would your company choose to be the dump pipe?

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