Thursday, August 02, 2007

EMBARQ by the numbers

Telephony online has the EMBARQ 2Q report.

  1. Second-quarter telecom revenue was down less than 1% from a year earlier, as growth in wireless and high-speed Internet revenue offset declines in traditional voice revenue.
  2. The company lost 146,000 access lines in the second quarter, but that number was 5000 lower than the number it reported a year ago. In the consumer market, the company lost 127,000 lines in the quarter—8000 fewer than it reported a year ago.
  3. Embarq’s high-speed access service is now available over 77% of its access lines. During the second quarter, the company’s DSL subscriber base grew by 52,000 to 1.15 million.

Smart move: To address what the company called the primary cause of consumer churn—customers moving—Embarq has brokered agreements with six “medium-sized” CLECS that allow customers to transfer their service to their new address, even if it is outside Embarq’s territory.

In other news, Embarq is adding profit by cutting off Health Care Benefits to It's Retirees

Phone+ mag just highlighted Embarq's Agent Channel.

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