Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Credit Card Processing

When selling on razor thin margins, the fees you pay for credit card processing can eat away at your profits. The transaction fee, the percentage, the monthly fee - all add up to reduced margin. Even bank fees chew up margins. And according to Comcast, payment processing of checks and money orders costs money as well. The NFIB has an "article" that is actually a pitch for their CC Merchant. Other ideas are becoming an Authorize.Net agent, working with your own financial institution (bank with your checking account, your financial advisor like Edward Jones, or other money center for leverage).

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Irene M. said...

It is true that credit card processing comes with fees, and sometimes hefty fees, depending on your business. But once you take into consideration the fact that customers who pay with credit cards instead of cash spend over double what they normally would, you'll see that even with the credit card processing fees, you are still making money.