Monday, August 27, 2007

The Corundum of Backup

My Coach has 300GB of data to back-up. He uses an external hard drive, but that does not help if the house burns down. I burn DVD's and use an external hard drive, which will be helpful if/when the laptop hard drive dies, but not so much if the house floods (I live in Florida) or burns down. So what do you do?

300GB is a huge amount of data to upload to a service like thebox or With DSL or Cable you are going to MAX at 384k up. That's max. And after a couple hours of clogging that upstream, they will probably throttle you via prioritization. So what do you do?

One idea is to store an external hard drive at a relative's house. But what a pain to have to truck it back and forth as you update it. (Would a fire-proof safe work?)

Are there any services that would allow me to send in a DVD and they upload the data to the server (my account)? Or even ship them my external hard drive so they can quickly and easier do the upload to their servers locally - and perhaps ship it back? Anyone?

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JD said...

We are Data Protection Services,, the leading online backup / remote backup service for businesses.

We have numerous clients with large data volumes, many into the terabytes.

We handle large volumes by shipping a "Mobile Vault" appliance which captures the initial backup at LAN speed.

Once we receive the mobile vault, the data is uploaded to our production vaults and the client's backups run very quickly because only changed files (actually delta-block changes) are transmitted in all backups following the initial full backup.

Large restores are handled in the same matter, by same-day courier, or overnight shipment of a USB drive or Mobile Vault containing the data.

Check out our web site for more info:

Jeff Danos