Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Ma Bell has been delivering some grief all around me for posts on the Phone+ blog. The pressure to push me out of the Agent program is firm. Even my channel manager does not want to speak to me since, as he put, he doesn't want to end up in my blog and I won't listen to reason. Reason being defined as: Don't mention the name of this company.

I read through my posts - and I only mentionMa Bell about 5 out of 20 posts. And in the post that received the most attention, there was no mention of BellSouth, BST, ATT or Ma Bell. Yet they were upset. I do appreciate the readership in Atlanta, Orlando, and San Antonio. You guys are keeping the page views high and giving me content to write about.

Well, I wrote about Reactee a while ago and decided to see if I could put it to good use. Tee shirt marketing is hip. Plus since Ma Bell is still being flamed for censoring Pearl Jam, my design was obvious. Order one here for just $20 - I'll be modeling it at the Channel Partner Expo in NJ on Sept. 26-28. Since we couldn't get any of the ILEC VP's to get on the dias, I guess they will miss the photo op.


RFJunkie said...

Can you post some links to the blogs that you are referring too?

Peter Radizeski said...

Phone+ blog