Monday, July 09, 2007

Using IT Vendor Sites for Promotion

Patti Wilson has a post called "Using IT Vendor Sites for Promotion". Here it is:

Anyone who is an independent consultant providing IT services to companies should consider posting their information on Knowledgestorm, or Bitpipe. Similar to Guru and E-lance and Linkedin, they use the info-mediary power of the Internet to promote your services. Passively promoting yourself even when you aren't looking for the next gig, deal or position keeps you visible and "in play". And it will make your next search faster and easier. Make sure that what you say is consistent across venues, sites and networks because Google doesn't discriminate when a search is done on your name. Everything will come up for view. But give the research that Knowledgestorm and Marketing Sherpa jointly conducted, IT professionals use advanced search tools and preform boolian searches (see below). Obviously those speeches you did in another life may come back to haunt you. Here are excerpts from the public relations postings from Knowledgestorm's site to give you a flavor of what they purport to do. About KnowledgeStorm: KnowledgeStorm is the Internet's top-ranked search resource for technology solutions and information. We help technology vendors reach technology buyers as they are searching on-line and convert them into Web leads. Leveraging the KnowledgeStorm Network of premier partners and its extensive search expertise, .......reach technology buyers and deliver the information they need no matter where their search begins...... Among the key findings, technology buyers are using more complex search terms. Fifty-six percent use three or more words in their search phrases. Nineteen percent use search operators such as "and" and "or" as part of their search phrase. Technology buyers are also going deeper into the search results, as much as five pages deep. Only 11 percent of buyers don't go beyond the first page of results.

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