Monday, July 16, 2007

Ring 9 Launches Web Meeting

Gainesville-based Ring9 started as a Level(3) VoIP Partner reselling L3's VOIP offering until that service was deep sixed by L3. Ring9 rolled out their own VoIP based on a Tekelec. No one has ever heard of them, but they had a booth at a show in Orlando I attended. (I can't remember which one - Comptel maybe, not ISPCON). According to the website FAQ, no one has heard of them because they have not spent money on marketing just on R&D. Here's the history:

Ring 9’s roots date back to 1990, when its former parent company, Central Services Group (CSG), was formed. CSG was a successful telecommunications provider that also served business customers. In 2004 CSG created their VoIP product line under the Ring 9 brand. In 2006 the Ring 9 was spun out of CSG as a stand alone company. Ring 9 is a private company. The majority of the shares are owned by the Nelson Family, the founders of CSG and Ring 9. There are also numerous outside investors.

Now they are moving into web conferencing. I can't figure out if they are just reselling Webex or its their own. Ring9 is a Cisco partner and Cisco recently bought Webex.

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